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WELCOME The Cartoon Boy

Luke Vilarreal began his cartooning career in 10th grade and drew comics for local papers and later nationally. While at the Art Institue of Dallas Luke worked for Peeler-Rose productions where he assisted in cel painting and “in-betweening” (filling animation motion between a “frame A and frame B” sequence) While in Dallas he worked the Dallas market doing caricatures for corporate events weddings festivals and parties. In 2012 he began selling his art in shopping malls around texas and in 2016 acquired contracts to work the Rain Forest Cafe and Strand Historical District in Galveston, Texas where he now lives. His artwork has taken him to 44 different countries around the world. Luke worked tourist desitination and many times on cruises and on diffenrent islands on the Carribbean. Luke returned to his traditional method of cel animation to sell as childrens art.



Digital Caricature $200 / Per Hour OUTPUT:
Color 10-12 people per hour
Color Caricatures with bodies 8- 10 per hour
Traditional Caricature $100-$175 / Per Hour OUTPUT:
B & W Heads Only: 15-18 people per hour
B & W Body / Gag: 10-12 people per hour
Color Heads Only: 10-12 people per hour
Color Body / Gag: 8-10 people per hour


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